Annette L. Pelletier, LCSW, CTRTC, CCAT

Clinical Therapist

I approach my work through a combination of trauma-focused cognitive behavior therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), reality therapy, motivational interviewing, equine-assisted psychotherapy, and experiential/adventure-based interventions. I am certified in choice theory and reality therapy through the William Glasser Institute. I also received EMDR training through the EMDR Institute, where I received my certification of completion for EMDR part 1 and part 2. Additionally, I am trained and certified in trauma-focused equine assisted psychotherapy and have specialized training in the use of equine-connected EMDR through The Natural Lifemanship Institute. I am also a certified adventure therapist through the Association for Experiential Education.

Sami Melling Hunt

Equine Professional

Lee Bingham

Equine Professional