Mustang @ Mustang Magic

Kiva was adopted from a wild horse sanctuary in California in 2021. Kiva has come a long way since she joined our family and is a strong leader with a gentle soul.


Mustang @ Mustang Magic

Apache was adopted from a wild horse sanctuary in California in 2021. He was born and gentled at the sanctuary in preparation for adoption. Apache is a friendly and curious guy who bravely explores new people, things, and situations.


Arabian/Paint Cross @ Mustang Magic

Neptune was rescued from a kill pen in 2022. It has taken him a long time to feel safe and comfortable in his new home. Though, he has found his place in the heard and is becoming more comfortable expressing his thoughts and opinions.


Quarter Horse/Thorough Bred Cross @ 5H Equine

Legend is the tallest horse at 5H Equine and is one of the highest performing horses there. He has no problem telling you what he does and doesn't like. He is not for everyone, but when he does connect with a person, it is a true deep connection.


Quarter Horse @ 5H Equine

Slick is a solid friend to have. He consistently shows up for you and enjoys giving and receiving love.


Quarter Horse @ 5H Equine

Butch is an athletic, all around boy. Although this guy can struggle with making friends with other equines, he's great at making friends with people!


Quarter Horse @ 5H Equine

Rio is a beauty and a high energy, performing horse. Rio struggles with standing still so if you have a high level of energy she may be your girl!

Spice Girl

Quarter Horse @ 5H Equine

Spice Girl is one of the youngest horses at 5H Equine. She is curious, playful and very social.


Quarter Horse @ 5H Equine

Cinderella is the newest team member at 5H Equine, but has already won her way into the hearts of many. She is curious, sweet, and gentle.


Quarter Horse @ Lee's

Tombstone is a big boy who has a strong and playful personality.


Quarter Horse @ Lee's

Seven is 22 years old, though he hides his age well. He is a stoic gentleman who likes to work hard and enjoys physical affection from others.


Quarter Horse @ Lee's

Albert is a social and friendly guy. If you need to work on boundaries, he's your guy!


Mini Pony @ Lee's

Trigger was named after famous western film stallion from the mid 1900's. Although trigger is no stallion, he is quite the stud with his beautiful eyes and friendly demeanor.


Quarter Horse @ Lee's

Brandy is one of the newer horses at Lee's. It took her a minute to let her true personality shine and is now one of the more social equine's at Lee's place.


Quarter Horse @ Lee's


Pony @ Lee's


Small Pony @ Lee's